The financial services industry is thriving. Yet in the macro environment, changing trends, technological advancements and customer behavior means organizations must ensure they stay reactive and alert. Challenger banks and open banking opportunities have made the landscape even more competitive for retail banks. The growth of digitization, cyber risk and global financial crime are key challenges for corporate banks as they try to maintain an optimum customer experience for their clients. In the wealth management sector, firms are facing a key challenge: how can you differentiate yourself in a virtual environment and accelerate growth to get ahead of competitors? Finally, in the global capital market sector, evolving regulatory requirements, technological change, ongoing cost and revenue pressures continue to drive disruption, and as a result, it’s never been more important for firms to react.

Meridian Investments LTD provides appraisal, valuation, and transaction advisory services related to private companies and public organizations throughout Uganda and abroad. We draw on the expertise of our entire team to provide clients with focused financial advisory services, including:.

Business valuation services
Capital asset appraisal
Transaction advisory services
Valuation for financial report purpose

Trade & Customs Advisory Services

Rules of origin

Post clearance audits

Market access

Business trend analysis

Regional and International trade issues

Non tariff barriers

Advisory on cross border trade